Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wire Baskets by Wire Sculptor LaVern David Thompson

          For some time basket weaving has been associated with asylums for use as therapy for patients with marginal mental abilities and the indigenous or early man for use as containers or trade. As a basket maker I believe I may rest somewhere between.  
The designs I apply are influenced by the baskets of various time periods; from the lines of Egyptian culture and the colors used in of the Mapuche of Chile to the vegetable basket I watched my grandmother use in the 1960’s. The technique I have created, although it possesses many similar challenges and opportunities, is not actually weaving at all. This method eliminates the process of weaving or alternating between mainstays known as warps. The particular continuous, single, wire sculpture I have developed I named the coil tie method, partially referring to the coil of wire used in the creation of sculptures.    
     This collection of baskets I call “The Basket Case”, as I explore the future of new designs, sizes and purposes, the endless possibilities are a temptation for the sane. Thoughts seem to wander when I have a 300 foot spool of wire to work with so look for new pieces in 2012 and beyond.  To see future baskets and other sculptures visit;

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