Thursday, February 21, 2008

Message Turtle No. 2

Message Turtles
Message Turtles were created by Wire Sculpture LaVern David Thompson in appreciation to the Sea Turtle both for their significance ecologically and for the spirit they contribute to the Caribbean and especially to the Virgin Islands. A message in a bottle to care for the environment and for each other.
Message Turtles are a part of L.D. Thompson’s “The Ocean Project”, a collection of wire sculptures relating man’s interaction to the ocean emotionally and ecologically. A limited numbered of unique Message Turtles will be made they are available at The Friends of the Virgin Island Nation Park Store in Mongoose Junction on St. John and from L.D. Thompson. To view pieces from The Ocean Project and other L.D. Thompson works visit:

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Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I love your message turtles - what a neat way to use found materials to great effect and to convey a strong message.